Brought up under the influence of comic books, games and movies, Wasiq had every reason to pursue a career as an Illustrator and an animator. In an attempt to rekindle cultural attributes, he has launched ‘RAAT’. A free for all comic book that hopes to inspire, teach and in all essence provide the youth with a hero to stand next to and ultimately entertain them with compelling stories.


Having worked in almost all kinds of productions ranging from music to film and video game to comic books, he has experienced most of what the local industry has to offer. Apart from pursuing a diversified career he also teaches ‘Concept Art and Storytelling’ at IQRA University.

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If you liked what you saw, have any ideas, want to contribute with art in any way or would like us to showcase your testimonial, get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.


Karachi, Pakistan


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