A product of injustice

As the city of Kolachi continues to suffer from crime, corruption and injustice, a young woman makes a stand eradicating evil, one bad guy at a time breaking more than just stereotypes.

Dubbed by the people of the city, she bears the title ‘RAAT’ (night) an appellation earned in due time of controlled vigilante justice.

 Experience the metamorphosis of an innocent young soul into a brutal weapon against evil and a messiah for the oppressed.

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What are readers saying about RAAT?

Tehmina Lodhi


"...Work like this will hopefully draw attention to a variety of observations and develop thoughtful opinions on various issues to our youth. I wish him all the best and look forward to reading more, with this exciting comic series RAAT."

Yasir Ali


"Simply Great! Artwork, story, this flavour is the "swag" of Kolachi. Those whose childhood and youth is supplemented by comics will agree how much of a part these comics took in character building..."

Azfar Ali


"The artist is dedicated and thorough in his illustrations and i really enjoyed the comic's compelling concept. love it."


About Wasiq

Driven by passion for great content and having worked with some of the best in the industry, Wasiq decided to pursue that which he loved and created RAAT. 

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